Bcc feature in mails sent from Cockpit

Can the Bcc feature be implemented for the emails sent from Cockpit?

@ankur_bhat  what is the use case for this request?

I have the same question. A bcc that we can fill in the same way we do for the CC would be very useful.


We don’t always want to show in CC the recipient of an email.


Can this be considered as an enhancement?


Thanks! Lyne 

Thanks @lyne_therien - how often would you say this happens? 

The current solution we’d recommend is for the sender to CC themselves and then from their email client forward that email to the person who you wanted to blind copy. A few more clicks, but if the workflow is infrequent, hopefully it’s not too much of a hardship.

we are looking at incorporating the emails we send though the cockpit to people.ai and we would need to add a bcc to these emails. and that bcc is different for each user. That’s why we need the option to fill out the bcc in the cockpit, when sending the email.


you could argue that we could ford to that bcc address as a workaround but really, we’re wondering if there are plans to allow a dynamic bcc in the cockpit.



Hello @lyne_therien ,

Dynamic Bcc is in our roadmap definitely. I can keep you posted about the updates about this.