Badge trigger - More options for badges (clickable areas)

It would be nice to have more control, either through allowing different shapes for the clickable area or using a CSS selector to identify the clickable area.


Based on the current badge options, we have to use an image, either Gainsight’s icons or an uploaded one, and the clickable area is always round.


I would like to trigger engagements via a badge from:

  1. An icon that’s added in our code, rather than Gainsight’s icons.
    Icon added in our code


  2. A text link that’s added in our code.|
    Text link


For #1, my workaround is to upload a transparent image that I can position over our icon.

Uploaded transparent image (border added to assist in positioning)

For #2, I tried a workaround that Gainsight support suggested. I mapped the text link as a feature and then used that in the audience logic to trigger the guide automatically. This works but there’s a noticeable lag.

Audience logic for mapped text link




Thanks for posting to PX Community @ag543 !


This is a great feature request!

I also very much liked the workaround you used with transparent images over your current images, very creative and functional. :-)

Using the Feature Mapping option to trigger it from PX Support was creative too, but a small delay would be expected before it shows.


Have you tried using transparent images with bigger sizes to cover the words?

I know we only support round badges … having a rectangle option as you mention above sounds promising and may be a quick solution for our PX Product team to consider??? … but you may be able to cover most of the text with the round transparent badge to make it clickable or hoverover-able with much faster response times. 



Thanks, @link_black. I did use a larger image, but it means that there’s a lot of empty space around the link that’s clickable.


Right, you can’t make it too big.

When I tested this, I put the transparent badge close to the middle of the word(s) and made it a little bigger to cover a bit more area. Then, I used the on hover option trigger for the badge and only the badge’s short description (no guide steps).

So now, that short description … which can include rich HTML content and formatting … just appears and vanishes as I move my mouse over the word(s). 

Anyways, this configuration may help you and others as at least a partial workaround until PX makes this easier. 

Happy PX-ing!


See my Badge config and the Badge in action (preview)



@link_black I tried to implement this in the V2 Guide and wanted to see what was possible and what wasn’t. I’m hoping you’ve got this one figured out!


Dealbreaker 1: I tried to implement the transparent image and hover over a clickable button. The hover and transparent image worked but I could not click the button. This makes this a dealbreaker. I’m really hoping I just did something wrong with my implementation.


Dealbreaker 2: I did not see a way to modify a delay in hover time. I don’t want the user to see a help message every time after they’ve figured out the app. 

THIS! I was coming to the community to post this exact idea, and luckily searched first because you phrased it beautifully. 

What type of file would I need to upload to have a transparent badge? I have not been able to figure that out.

This is the one I used for my testing, but I am sure there are many out there available through web search.