Automatically Close CTA by CTA Name not CTA Reason

When I setup a Close CTA activity, I can only pick the reason, say: "Customer Journey" or "Support Issues". Since we don't have a separate reason associated with each support related issue, the close activity might impact too many CTAs.

Ideally, I'd like to setup one close CTA activity when the rule described in the "rule setup" section no longer applies. Because of the way the business rules filter is currently set up, it is nearly impossible to configure the "Close" Activity in the same business rule as the "Create CTA" activity. This results in a very long list of business rules one needs to maintain. Moreover, when the list of business rules grows too large (above 20?!) it nearly becomes impossible to quickly associate one business rule to another, if they are indeed related (for example: close and open CTA for certain criteria, or all NPS related (Detractor, Promoter...) business rules).
Irit, Can you pls explain taking a specific example ? I am not sure if I understood completely.
Is there any way to do this?

For example, I might want to close out CTAs for "Support Case 21+ Days Old" because there are no more support cases that qualify. However, I want to preserve another CTA that is also classified in the same way (risk, "Support Issue", etc.) but it's called something else -- say, "High Priority Support Case". Right now, the "Close CTA" logic doesn't allow me to distinguish between these -- I can only close based on how the CTA is classified, not based on the name. As a result, I can't reasonably accomplish this.

This is not possible currently. We just enhanced the capability to use CTA names from Rules during creation but not during close. Are there a substantial # of CTA with the same name?
This is something I am coming across as well. Are there any updates since five months ago?

It would be very useful to create a rule with a setup action to close CTAs based on the CTA name, not the Risk.  A single Risk category has multiple CTAs and I don't want to close them all.
We have a large customer base, and we're grouping our CSM's into pods to manage groups of customers. We are opening large numbers of CTA's and by the time a CSM gets to it, they may have already resolved the CTA at the business. This would be a huge help for us, since currently the CSM has to go into the account and verify that all CTA's are accurate before beginning to reach out. 
This would be beneficial for us as well. We have some CTA's that are actually more FYI's for the CSM's to monitor and confirm that the responsibly party addresses the issue. It would be great if we could have a rule run in the background to close the CTA if the rule no longer applies. 
Hi Samantha,

What I ended up doing was creating separate reasons for each CTA (ex. Adoption - No Feature 1, Adoption - No Feature 2, etc.). We have rules to automatically close these CTAs if the action is completed.  We ended up needing a ton of different reasons but it works.
We have a similar use case.  

There are some CTAs that we typically snooze so they don't trigger again the next time the rule runs (because the trigger condition still exists temporarily).

We were trying to set up a Close CTA action to close the snoozed CTA once the condition is cleared, but need it to be based on the tokenized CTA name and not just utilize the reason.  Using only the reason code is too broad and would close CTAs that still need to be open.
+1 for me too, for many of the reasons already described here (pool of CSMs; CTAs that are more like FYIs; etc)

There's one additional wrinkle I'll add:

Since we followed the 'Risk Framework' model Gainsight recommended, our scorecard metrics are driven off of whether a CTA exists or not. Therefore, even CTAs that are mostly nice-to-have for a CSM are still essential for the scorecard. Also, if a CSM is delinquent in closing out their CTAs, then the whole scorecard can get out-of-whack.
We need this capability as well.  The ability to auto-close a group of CTA's based on Type or Reason or Subject, and also be able to set the rule to run weekly at a specified time.
I understand from last week's Product Roadmap webinar that upgrades to the Close CTA Rule Action are coming relatively soon 🙂
With 5.5 release, You can close the CTA's based on any criteria. Read more about it here. Select the CTA's based on your criteria, and in close CTA action use the CTA Id to close them off.
Sundar - Is this feature available for bionic CTAs in the 5.5 release as well?
Hi Renne,

Apologies for late reply. We had some issues in using this capability in bionic rules but all the issues are getting fixed in May release. So, post May release this feature will be available in bionic rules too.