Automated migration of Rules from Production to Sandbox

As Admin - I always look how to replicate data/configuration to Sandbox and I have not seen any automated process to replicate rules/configuration to sandbox or sandbox to production.  Idea is to have automated process to perform rules/migration to/from environments.
Brijesh, this is something we just started working on. Not a small project, but expect to see progress on this soon. 
Now that Salesforce has included a partial copy sandbox with "Lightning Enterprise" Salesforce licensing, by creating a sandbox template including all objects, that catches all the JBCXM custom objects & when you login to the Sandbox, you'll see ALL your Gainsight Config.   Now I just have to learn how to configure Gainsight in Sandbox to activate the connection to Gainsight's back end.
our usecase it migrating to production
Hey Brijesh, I know its been awhile since you posted about migrating data but I thought I would comment to make sure you have learned about Gainsight Migration tool?

I just posted the below to Community today and thought you might find it helpful.

Cross-org Migration: Sandbox to Production or Production to Sandbox
Todd - i am using migration tool where i am finding that Rule with Account objects only support and not for other types of object.
Vote up! I like to test this as well 🙂
Hi Megan,

Have you tried using Cross Org Migration tool -


I more would use it to test outcomes versus migration. I am fine building in Prod direct but if you want to test how something will appear in the system and not just in excel files. Is that part of this?

You can now refresh you Gainsight sandbox which grabs all the latest data from Production. I don’t believe you can automate this through the rules engine but it will help to update all the data.