Auto-magically convert Connector Ingest Jobs to S3 Ingest RULES

User Story

Once upon a time, an admin managed a large number of ingestion jobs via S3 Connector and needed to modify the parameters, (S3 folder paths specifically in this tale). When our friend The Admin reviewed the S3 Ingestion RULE setup, The Admin noticed there there was much PARITY betwixt the configuration of the two!! He sat and pondered...could a potential script be magically construed in order to alleviate the burden of this Admin and perhaps MANY others across the land?

Hoping this story could end with "And there was much rejoicing!!!"

Any other "The Admin's" out there with a similar challenge or pending maintenance item to update these to Rules?

Given the huge increase in effort to make a S3 Ingest Rule vs a S3 Job Connector, I would certainly hope so.

I'm about to tackle this same migration for a client with about 10 old-school S3 Data Load jobs.

@ashok_dugaputi Any plans for this in the near-term?