Auto-assignment of CTAs to a pool of reps when CSMs are out of town

Submitting this on behalf of my customer.  When CSMs are out on vacation it would be nice if we had the ability to auto-assign the CTAs that would have been assigned to them to a pool of other reps.  This would ensure that urgent CTAs are being actioned on and not sitting stale until the rep gets back to the office.

@scott_496fa0 - A way to solve that today would be to configure a Cockpit View showing newly created CTAs assigned to the CSMs who are on vacation. Then leaders or those covering for the vacationing CSM can check the Cockpit View periodically. This solution gives those covering the CSM visibility into what’s arriving, They can then to re-assign CTA to themselves or someone else if requiring urgent attention, or to leave CTAs untouched (perhaps it’s non-urgent) so it’s waiting for the CSM upon their return.