Associate an update/meeting/email to a task

I like the timeline view to look at meetings and updates for a client. I would also like to be able to associate these with tasks. Often, a task is dependent on hearing from the client or something. Or a task might be a meeting and it would be nice to associate the meeting minutes with it. 
Thanks for sharing, Laura!

We are actively working on connecting Activities with CTAs for the same reason. You might have multiple meetings and add multiple updates/notes as you work a CTA, and we want all of that to connect back to the Timeline (with the CTA context). Regarding Tasks, the way we are thinking of connecting these to Timeline is as 'inline' action items or next steps logged from within an Activity. This way, you'd be able to log everything in one go from the same place. A CTA would then show up in your Cockpit with the same Tasks so you can act on them. Would these enhancements give you what you need? 
And they would also show up in the timeline? Sounds great!
Activities logged from a CTA would show up on the CTA level (mini) Timeline for sure. They would also appear on the overall Customer Timeline if (1) your admin has configured that all activities of that [i]type (updates, for example) are important and should be rolled-up automatically; or (2) a CSM manually flags the activity as important. We are not planning to roll [i]everything up automatically because of volume/noise considerations. Would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have on this approach.
I think some kind of an easy option to add it to the timeline or not would be helpful. However, there should be a way to view all activities somewhere. I am already losing activities because I can only see them in one place. For example, I enter a meeting from the record for the Germany office. I have to add it to the parent account instead because some people from the Global office were in that meeting. Now I have some activities that are tied to the german office and some that are tied to the parent account. I can't just go to the parent account and see all activities. So I continue to put meeting notes in another location outside of gainsight so I don't lose them. So, a way to find them all would save alot of headache today. Attaching them to tasks would be very beneficial. How would we see them? I would like to export them so I can easily report activities to others. 

Hi there, this has been a request from a number of our team members. Wondering if there’s an update on ETA? 

Hello @adam_bam, thank you for posting on Community and apologies for delay in response here. Passing this post to our Product Manager to be looked into and get back to you at the earliest.

@adam_bam Hello Adam, can you please elaborate your specific use case?

Hey @sriram pasupathi apologies - I didn’t get a notification for this for some reason! The use case/challenge in our case is being able to link an email (already sent via  gmail plugin, or recieved) to a particular CTA