Assign group CTAs

I need the ability to create and assign CTAs to a group of individuals. Is this available? On the roadmap? 
Definitely need this! 
This is on the roadmap. 

Even if a CTA is assigned to a group of Individuals when it is created, we believe that the CTA should eventually be owned by an individual. We will facilitate that via the following 2 options - 

1) Allow an individual in the group to take ownership from Cockpit or from an email notification. 

2) Auto assign to an individual in the group using round-robin or other load-balancing methods.

Please let us know your feedback on this approach. 

Are you already using 'Queues', 'Public Groups' or other constructs in SFDC to define a group of individuals?
Hey Sidhu, thanks for the follow-up. 

If you define that a CTA needs to be owned by an individual in that you can apply a single CTA but then it becomes individually owned by numerous end individuals, that is fine. It is basically the ability to assign en masse, but manage individually from that point on. 
Similarly, we would love to be able to assign a CTA to individual account team members.
We will improve our capabilities to support assigning CTA to a role in Account teams but the only way to work around this limitation for now is what Luis Paez mentioned on your post.

Please confirm that my understanding is correct when I say that your idea, though similar, is not the same as assigning a CTA to a group of users. While assigning to a role from Account teams, (since a role under an account can only have one user) the CTA is being assigned to a user instead of a group of users.
Sidhu, we have another customer who needs this capability too.  Glad to hear that it is on the product roadmap.

Use case:

· Teams that manage SMB, MM and ENT accounts – at least 2 people per team

· No named CSMs for smaller accounts; they are managed through a common email queue

· When a CTA fires for one of these accounts, it is generated for the team

· The team members alternate picking these up and manage them to completion

· Rather than having the CSM have to change them manually, especially once there are many of them firing, it would be great to have them reassigned automatically
Hi Sidhu and Paul we need the ability to assign a specific CTA or Playbook to multiple users. For example if we need each person on the SM team to do an audit of their accounts, we want to be able to create a CTA and assign the CTA to every user. The CTA owner could equal (account success manager) field like we do with playbooks, so that each person would have their own CTA.

This is very important for us as we now have 100+ SMs leveraging gainsight's cockpit functionality. 
Also see this previous thread
Isn't this achievable today by using the Rules Engine to assign the same CTA to every user?  
Red Hat needs this too.

We need the ability for a CSM to assign an Escalation Management request to a pool of Escalation Managers who would receive an email notification, and then they would assign a resource from that team to take ownership of the EM CTA.
Not that I know of since you need to associate it with a customer. We don't necessarily want to assign 1 CTA for every customer. some SMs manage 20+ accounts and we just want to assign them 1 CTA to do
Ah I didn't get that you wanted this to be account-agnostic.
Hi Jeff,

Are you capturing this pool of Escalation Managers somewhere in Salesforce already (options listed by Sidhu previously)? Would your ideal solution support something existing like this, or would you prefer building the team up completely in Gainsight?


Hi Manu,

I think the problem with the proposed workaround is that it requires additional licensing. If this is something that can be built within Gainsight without requiring additional licensing that would be ideal. My thought is:

- Provide the ability to create "Queues" within Gainsight and assign users to that queue

- Provide the ability to assign CTAs to a queue by default

- Add queues to the email notification functionality so users can be notified appropriately 
I have a slight variation on this request. As a manager, I would like the ability to create a manual CTA and assign it to multiple CSMs/customers. This would be ideal for any one-off activities. For example, you might want to assign a one-time CTA to all members of your team to check in with customers on the use of a new feature. It would be great to do this from Cockpit without having Admin permissions.
Hey Chris,

In this use-case, would you be OK if the end result still were one CTA per Account, owned by the respective CSM (captured as an attribute)?
Makes complete sense, Ben. Are you using any Salesforce construct, like the ones Sidhu mentioned above, for this today?
Yes, this works. However, it would be great to specify the accounts based on the CSM's. For example, I might just want to assign this to CSM's on my team, not another team.
I was speaking with a customer about this today. Have there been any updates as to if this will be making it to the roadmap?
Same. I think the idea here is that I want to be able to assign a CTA/Playbook to a list of customers or SMs that I have in a list. Say, customers that are in Dallas-Fort Worth. This would be in the Cockpit where I would do this vs. going through creating a Rule
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a similar solution and it seems that something like that has been discussed for 3 years.

Is there any update on this feature about assigning the CTA to a group of users?

My need is exactly what Sidhu quoted:

“2) Auto assign to an individual in the group using round-robin or other load-balancing methods.”

For example, when entering an account from Europe, I would like to assign the CTA to the Team that takes care of Europe and that will later be routed to a CSM from that team.

Seeking clarification around this same issue. Ideally we want to create CTA's that are assigned to a group - creating a queue - and then the people in that group can view list of cta's in cockpit and take ownership of them. 

Can this be accomplished currently? Or even as a workaround if we create and assign CTA's to one person, can people go in and take ownership of CTA's without them being assigned to them?
Hi Faelan, Sorry for the delay here. I don't think there's anything preventing a user from changing the CTA assignee in Cockpit today. They just need to look at "All CTAs" or a custom view that would display other's CTAs. 
I agree with Faelan's use case that while there is a workaround it would be nice to tag a group of users and then let them reassign as needed. 

I opened a ticket asking for a way to limit visibility of CTA in Cockpit based on a  users group. I have 4 groups making use of Gainsight, each with different CTAs - CSM, CSV, TAM and Residents. With CTAs for all these groups going on the same accounts, it gets confusing. My ticket was closed with a link to this forum thread which has not had an update in 2 years and was started 5 years ago. Obviously, I am not satisfied by this response.