Assign an email as a task with gmail widget

With the Gainsight Widget, it would be very valuable if there was an option to mark an email as a task in Gainsight.  

As a workaround, I know I could add the email as a Timeline activity, then go in and edit/add a task from there, but it’s a clunky step and I find I don’t do it half the time when working through my emails.

A potential simple solution “when checking the box to add to timeline” if It simply had a follow-up prompt that asked if there is a task associated with this, and I could mark yes, then at least it would add it to the Cockpit for follow-up later.

Bonus points if that checkbox allows a field for me to include the action needed, as well as the ability to select a date.

@LoLock excellent, I like the one click idea(mark an email as a task). Redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 

May I know the frequency of tasks you create per day via timeline? 

@all, please vote if you like the request. 

@LoLock Thanks for sharing this interesting use-case. We will look into the possibilities. We don’t have an immediate plan to support this, based on the numbers of like we can prioritize.