API for bulk import success and failure

When importing data via the API for a bulk API import there should be an API endpoint that can be called to check if imported data has loaded successfully or failed. Currently, you can use the API to understand if the data was sent successfully but you have no way to check if the import loaded to Gainsight successfully

@alisapagerduty, correct. The only way to check if the data loaded correctly is to manually check a report and see the results. Or to see the results in the Log section on the Connector. But there is no way to pull this information via the API.

@alisapagerduty We will be looking into this. To see if we can provide a status api.

Thank you for the feedback.

We have added this to our roadmap. Will keep you posted on the timelines once it is fixed.


Thank you 


Please work on this - massive upvote here.

We are just relying here on a status code what is sent via email.
This basically makes a programmatic interaction with Gainsight nearly impossible since ( as I understand it from the docs ) there is no way to fetch the logs or get a response.

Suggestion is create a “Real” API which would return and bulk ID and this bulk ID can be polled to retrieve the processing status which would also return the processing errors.

Without this we can’t revamp ( or just with high effort ) the  integration

@poberherr Acknowledged. Will keep in consideration in our long term roadmap.

Adding my vote to this. We have 8 weekly Bulk API import jobs that each load data for a rolling 3 month period (by week). Thus we’re loading 96 files each week (12 per each of the 8 modules) without a way to determine the success of a single file.


Is there a status on the roadmap timing of the Status API?

Our need for this is increasing as we add additional Bulk API jobs. We’re implementing 8-9 new Bulk API jobs that will import data from our secondary Salesforce instance and our integration team needs to see the status of the job. This is particularly important as our new jobs will run more frequently (daily, intra-day, and every 2 hours).


Happy to let you know that this is currently in development and we will have this capability soon

Will keep you posted on the timelines.

Thank you