Any plans to expand the Survey Questions repository?

Hello Folks!


Are there any plans to expand the Survey 2.0 questions repositories? Every time I build a survey I struggle with the questions‘ format available, being left frustrated wanting more options, for example:

  • NPS question - I like the smiley faces but don’t like the colours which can be seen as “leading on”. The only option seems to be to have the smileys with the colours or no colours and stuck with a text above 0 and 10. The text isn’t always applicable to transactional surveys so could it be edited?
  • Ranking - today I tried to add a question to rank or rate 7 different sections of a seminar. I wanted to use something else than matrix 0-10, and the only options I had was the reordering (difficult on the phone) and stars. Wanting to go with the stars, I soon figured I cannot use them as it’s only one star rating per question, rather than one question, then 7 answers being ranked via stars. So I had to go back to matrix format
  • Stars ranking - is it possible to have 0 stars? Our scales go either 0-10 or 0-100 so if using stars, we’d love using the same scale
  • Matrix format - I always try to use less than 10  options per one question but even with 10, it would be nice to have different coloured rows separating each option - for better visibility. Is this something considered? 

As always, many thanks


@katerina_nemcova Thanks for bringing this up, since this is an enhancement request changing this to idea post for better tracking purpose.