Alphabetize contact names

Please display the list view in an alphabetized (by last name) manner on the contact/person/co person list. This will make it much easier to find client contacts.

I agree there could be several enhancements to the Person C360 list view. Here are some other thoughts:

  1. Allow the admin to “sort” the list for all users based on the criteria they would like to sort by
  2. Allow the admin to pre-filter the list based on criteria they would like to filter by (eg, remove contacts marked Inactive)
  3. Allow for the user to utilize the headings in the Person C360 list view to sort the list as they would like to sort it in their view

I think allowing flexibility on the Person C360 is key! Agreed that my users would also want to sort by last name.

Hey @amanda.caldwell @sarahmiracle We have introduced sorting the People List in the new C/R360.

@sarahmiracle We’ve introduced OOB filters to easily filter Active?Inactive contacts for the end-user directly. Point 2 and 3 are covered again in the new C/R360. However I’m curious to understand:-

  1. Your point 1 & 2, do you want only the admins to have the sorting capability? 

Hi Shilpa, that’s great to hear. 

To clarify, no I wouldn’t only want admins to have this ability, but I would want admins to be able to set a standard view for their users. Or even better, treat it like any other related list, where I could set People List view that is only Active, a People List view that is Active & Inactive, and a People List view that is just Inactive. Users could choose then whether they want to view the Active or the Active & Inactive views, and it would be sticky when they access other C360 pages in Gainsight (just like our existing related lists are now).


Ultimately though it sounds like the enhancements will meet most of the need. Can you confirm, when you say you allow for Filtering, is this filtering “sticky” or would a user need to apply the filter every time they access a different C360? For example, a Filter icon exists today in the C360, but it is never used because it requires re-filtering every time a user accesses a new C360 people list.

Really, what I’m trying to do is just show my users only the Active contacts at a company. That’s the simplest need!

@sarahmiracle Got it. The filters won’t be sticky in your definition, for each company that one opens, the user needs to set the filters. I understand your concern and will add the feedback to my list to find a way out.