Allow to set a font for languages

In our engagements we use fonts that are not suitable for Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. 

We would like to set the fonts to be used for these languages centrally on the Localization tab in the Settings. There, it should be possible to set the fonts used for certain languages, possibly in combination with labels. It should also be possible to set a default font-family used in all other cases.


@Susanne Thank you for sharing your feedback here. Fonts definitely place a major role in engagements. Redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 

Hi Susanne,

Thank you for your post. Although you can specify font-family in the engagement css, currently, the font-family can not be specified per language/translation.


Would the font family / language mapping configuration be better set up as a global option (in Admin->Set Up->Localization to apply to all engagements or do you feel that the font-family per language mapping should be at the engagement level (may be different per engagement)?

Hi Angelo,

that’s a good question. By now we are using the same font-family for all engagements, but this might change and fonts might vary according to the product they have been created for. However, I would rather see it as a global setting for all engagements. If Gainsight had a better solution for templates, this could be part of the templates (This will be my next post ;-)

Please have a look here: Keep connection between template and engagement | Gainsight Community