Allow Task Type mapping when syncing Activities to SFDC

It may be beneficial for end users/admins to have the option to adjust Task Type mapping when syncing Activities from Gainsight to SFDC. Currently, it appears it is set up in such a way that the Task Type to any Activities synced from Gainsight to SFDC will automatically pull the Default Task Type and, depending on which activities are synced, may cause confusion for end users.

For example, a user logs a call from the Activities tab with the "Sync to Salesforce Activity" checked off on the Activity config, this call will appear with the default Task Type which may not be set to "Call" and could throw off some end users. 

Having the ability to map Task Type in the Activities config may assist in resolving this.

Also Record Type, please!
Thanks for bringing this up, Josh.  I just talked to another customer that really needs to map Task Type as well to ensure accurate SF reporting.  
Thanks, Josh! We are syncing the Calls from Gainsight to Salesforce and they are landing in Salesforce as an Outgoing Email. 😞
Thanks for posting! This is an important use-case for us, but we unfortunately couldn't include a good solution in the current release. One thing we definitely want to do is expose Activity Type, so that it can be mapped to Task Type or Sub-Type in SF. Being able to assign hard values in SF without needing a source field on Gainsight side is also something we are considering, but slightly further out.
YES!  100% agree.  My "Gainsight API" user has a different default task type from anything else we use, and I'd like to map these to the Task Record Type we use for other call logs generated from Salesforce, for example.  My SF admin says they can create a workflow to automatically flip these all to something else after they're created, but it seems like it'd be cleaner to map it correctly from the start.  
+1 for record type!
I see this is set as Planned. Any update on timeframe?

The ability to set the Record Type is key, because that controls the page layout in Salesforce. Any thoughts of using the default Record Type for the end user, versus the Gainsight Admin user?
Thanks for your comments! I'm going to reach out to a few of you to better understand your scenarios and how we can leverage Record Types.
Agreed! It is important for our org to have all activities map correctly in SFDC if we are going to be using timeline activities in replace of SFDC tasks. 
I agree as well! This is a feature that is a must for accurate tracking of CSM activities in Gainsight to SFDC. Currently for us, all activity types in Salesforce default to 'Email'. 
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I have a customer that would like the ability to be able to customize different Task "record types" within Gainsight. This issue has been brought to light because of the activities enhancement that was rolled out. They have several different record types and currently it just defaults to the users "default" record type. 
I see that Activity Type is now available for sync. However, if the exact Timeline Activity Types are not present in the Salesforce Task Type picklist, what is put into the Task's Type field? Is the Activity Type just stuck in there even though it isn't in the picklist?

Hi All,

One follow-up question -  Would you want to default all activities sync to one record type and selection of this record type should be available in Gainsight or would you want to sync individual activities to different record types?


Ideally, I'd like to be able to specify in the sync settings in Gainsight.  ie. an Email from Timeline should sync to an Email activity type in SF, a call should sync to a call, a Training (custom activity type in Timeline) should sync to a Training activity type in SF.
I would want to be able to select the record type I want to sync to when setting up the Advanced Outreach or other item. That way we can properly align the activity to the object for that interaction.

@seth  - I know this is an old post but hoping you could shed some light on your above question about what the default behavior is when the activity type in Gainsight does not exist as a picklist value in Salesforce. I’m currently in the process of setting this up and I can see from SF to Gainsight there is an option to set a default value but I can’t find any mention of that from Gainsight to SF. Prior to fully setting everything up I’d like to know what to expect behavior wise and was hoping you might have some insights 🙂


@josh.berger I wish I could tell you from personal experience! I stepped away from Gainsight adminning when I moved from being a Gainsight customer to a Gainsight employee 🙂 That said, from searching in our Slack, I see a few comments from 2019 that say that, when syncing from Gainsight to Salesforce, if a matching Salesforce Task Type does not exist, the default Salesforce Task Type will be used. (Out of the box default for Salesforce is “Email”, though that’s configurable.)

@seth - Thanks for doing a bit of digging for me. That is the behavior I would expect so it’s helpful to get an unofficial confirmation of my suspicions. 

Happy to help @josh.berger -- your question helped me connect the dots and enlist our documentation team to track down the official answer so they can put a clarification in the relevant support article(s). 

@josh.berger I wanted to close the loop with you here -- after our documentation team connected with Product Management, we learned that the expected behavior is actually that the Timeline Activity Type would be stamped into the Salesforce Task/Event Type field, even if there isn’t a matching value configured in the Salesforce picklist. (Our documentation has been updated with that note. NXT | Salesforce Edition )

Did you end up setting it up?

@seth - I appreciate the update. I haven’t actually turned it on yet, but since we only had a few values that differed between the two systems, our Salesforce team just added the missing Gainsight values so we would not have to worry about the default behavior. I’m not a Salesforce admin but that default behavior is surprising because I thought the Type field was a picklist by default which I wouldn't think would allow for an undefined value to be entered. If so, I’ve learned something new today :)