Allow Syncing of Multi-Picklist Fields in Zendesk Integration

It is currently not possible to sync a multi-picklist field from Zendesk into Gainsight via the Zendesk integration. Our support team sometimes uses multi-picklists for categorizing tickets so it would be helpful to have this functionality for reporting and visibility. 

Hi @cmultanen. Thank you for submitting this request. Could you share an example, please? That would be really helpful. 

Hi @cmultanen could share an example here. 

Hi @cmultanen could share an example here. 

Hi @cmultanen we need your inputs here.

@sai_ram I’m now at a different org so this is not as much of a concern. In general though, I think it would be helpful if the Zendesk connector supported multi-select fields. 

For example, Case A has a multi-select fields called Tags with the following values: Billing, Renewal, Product Issue. Based on how the connector currently works, I would not be able to map Tags to a corresponding multi-select field in GS. I instead would have to map it as a string which is not as helpful from a reporting perspective. 

Hi @cmultanen 

We are working on a solution and will keep you updated. Thank you for providing an example. We will keep this in mind.