Allow Serverside search for picklist

In the report builder grid, we have two types of searches Clientside and ServerSide based on one condition that is the size of searchable items(records). 

1. Clientside search will search the grid results directly (if the records count is less than 1000).
2. In the case of ServerSide search, if the report result is more than 1000 records and you do an inline search it will search at the Database level. 

So, when you applied the filter, the records were limited and the Clientside search was performed. In the case of no filter, the record count was more and it came under ServerSide search. Here, ServerSide search for picklist is disabled which is expected. Can we enable this for picklist type field.



There is a technical limitation that stops us from giving a good customer experience in this scenario.


@gopal_rao_kallepu  @jeevan_chamarthi for visibility.