Allow Reports 2.0 aggregates to have decimal places

It would be nice if Reports 2.0 could be configured to include decimal points when it comes to percentages. This mainly applies to aggregate averages.
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It would be nice if Reports 2.0 could be configured to include decimal points when it comes to percentages. This mainly applies to aggregate averages.
I agree - this would be incredibly helpful for us. Especially in the table view.
Having numeric precision with our data would be hugely helpful.
Welcome the change; however, would like to see the add-on precision as optional, since decimals can make the dashboard/charts too busy to read. 
Thanks all for the feedback. This feature is tentatively targeted for June, 2015 release. 
Great news Sumesh!
Does this mean that decimals would be shown when you hover over a bar in Reports 2.0?

Right now, I can see the decimal value, 0.4 for example in table view, However, the bar graph rounds anything less than 0.5 to 0. In my case, this has nothing to do with percentages, but it does have to do with allowing decimals in aggregates (sum, avg).

Also, I'm assuming that if we allow decimal precision in graphs in Reports 2.0, it would look the same in the CS360 when you've created a new "InternalReport" section using one of the Reports with decimal precision. It's just pulling the same report, without any additional restrictions, right?

Attached are two relevant screenshots. You can see that there's a decimal value in the table view (Fig 1.), however in the graph view, it shows 0 (Fig 2.)


Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Our main ask is for the averages in reports 2.0 and yes, we would want it to display on graphs/charts but it'd be great to have flexibility to turn it off/on.
I can't believe the feature is not available. I have build a whole lot of rules to populate the aggregate data when it could be easily done in a report like the salesforce report. Very disappointed. And the column select is not very user friendly.
Hi ,

We do have the ability to configure decimal places in reports 2.0. Click on the gear icon of the field once its added to "Show me". You'll find an option to configure the # of decimal places to display.

In regards to your column select comment, could you please provide additional details on the usability issues you're facing?   


Hi Sumesh,

Great to hear from you, here is what I would love to be able to do:

- drag a field from the Show Me row into "By" row without having to remove from "Show Me" row then re-add to "By".

-And why can't we define a sorting in the "Show Me" fields. I would like to sort column 1 ascending follow by column 2 in different order etc...

- Why can't we build some formulated field in the report? In SF report this can be done. I would like to be able to get an average based on group by fields.


mei ling
one thing. In the field selector why can't we select more than one field to populate the "Show me" section. 
Hi Mei Ling,

Thanks for the awesome feedbacks! Formula fields are something that we are currently thinking about. You will get an update from us soon. I'll add rest of your feedbacks to roadmap for prioritisation