Allow PDF Export of Survey 2.0/Response Report

Our Org is starting to heavily adapt surveys 2.0.  We LOVE the response analytics, however we would love to share this with leaders that are not Gainsight users.  

Can we have the ability to export Survey Statistics, Response Report and Text Analytics as a PDF?  Ideally we would love the ability to print out a summary of the entire survey in a very digestible, user friendly format, without having to export 3 different summaries.  

@andorfuhrer Happy to hear the usage of the Survey 2.0. I will check out the export ability and get back to you. Thanks for sharing this here!!!

@andorfuhrer apologise, currently we don’t have a way to export them as is as PDF. 

Considering this as an enhancement request and redirecting this to our product team. 

Thank you for your feedback @andorfuhrer!  Ability to export Survey 2.0 data in various formats including PDF is in our roadmap. We will keep you posted as we get to address this.