Allow NXT Rules with sfdc cross object lookup fields or lookup filter fields migration via x-org

NXT developed rules with salesforce sourced lookup object fetch or filter fields are not x-org migrated.

We are following a culture where any new project developments are approved for Gainsight to be developed and tested in sandbox tenant first without implementing directly in production instance.

At times we stuck to see many rules having sfdc cross object lookup fields or filter fields not migrating with in NXT tenants via x-org. 

@narayanan_s Thank you for sharing the request here. I will follow up with the x-org team and get back to you.

Hi @narayanan_s 

Could you give me a few more details.

Are the rules built on SFDC objects? Or are there only few fields that are picked up from the salesforce object?

Are the fields as a part of the Fetch tasks or are they used in filter critieria?

We currently do support migration of rules with SFDC Objects and hence wanted these details to verify the same in our systems.


Thank you


Hi @pgeorge, You are right in all your questions. 

  1. Source fetch from SFDC objects including cross object lookup fields
  2. Source fetched from SFDC objects includes filters fields from cross object from regular CRM sfdc sales cloud standard objects.

There is a support ticket raised 116104 and open for long time. I think XOrg migration support only related SFDC object fields but not the lookup fields i guess.

If wanted, we could do quick sharing session. 


+100 Badly need this even though we’re already in NXT!

Correctly said. It is like totally wasting time in creating the same rule once in Sandbox, have it tested and then create the same rule in PROD just because we are not able to migrate the rule using X-Org. If it is a simple/basic rule it is not a big deal to recreate it. If it is a complex and cumbersome rule, then it is not making any sense. If the X-Org has the ability to migrate the rules it would be considered a great gift from Gainsight.

@kumaranbcak @kevin.olayta @narayanan_s 

If the SFDC Object and fields are present in the target org with the same field names, the rules should migrate without any errors and configurations missed.

We had identified an issue and have pushed the fix.

Could you verify if you are still seeing this issue? If so, I can connect with you to get a few more details to investigate further.

Thank you


@pgeorge Will test this one out in a while. I’ll let you know if this is successful. :)

I tested, @pgeorge

Found following error code on migration. This happened from our prod to sandbox migration. Two rules tested and failed with below reasons.

Unable to find reference field "Account" in the Object "Account"

Unable to find reference field "XXXX__r" in the Object "XXXX__c", Unable to find reference field "GS_Relationship_Id__r" in the Object "GS_Relationship__c"

There aren’t permission issues since the authenticated user holds Gainsight license and available as System admin profile in SFDC. Also same user has proper license assigned in GS user mgmt.

@narayanan_s could you confirm if the Account object and the Custom objects in Salesforce are the same in both the orgs? We need the objects and the fields in the objects to match exactly for successful migration. If the fields are not present or if the names do not match, the migration would fail



@pgeorge , All our sandbox orgs are refreshed from Production and whatever new configs are added to sandbox the same is deployed to prod. A similar structure of deployment plan all customers do. I don’t think there is variations at Salesforce set ups.

I double confirm, the set up has not gap when it comes to salesforce configs.

Even the profile access mostly with system admin included Gainsight CSM licenses and permission set. 


Could you raise a Support ticket when you see the same failure? We will need to investigate this with the logs generated during migration. 

The issue could be specific to the configurations you are trying to migrate which could be why we cannot reproduce it ourselves.


Thank you


@pgeorge , Yes a case is raised and under WIP from last year end :-)

So sorry for the delay,

Could you share with me the Zendesk ticket? I will follow up with the team?

Was this fixed in Rules Horizon? I heard from one of the support team rep that in Horizon, it would get fixed. Please share some updates, i will do internal testing and respond too.