Allow more than 26 filters in a rule

I'd like to be able to add more than 26 items in the Filter section of a rule. It seems that the number is set to 26 because you are using A-Z, but perhaps you could use A1, B1, etc after passing Z, or some other numbering scheme to allow more filters. 
We never thought that there would be requirement for more than 26 filters to be frank. When we add in more filters, it slows down the SFDC query and adverse impact on query timeouts. Do you think there could be anything smart with the filters to bring several of those filters into one, something like includes [A,B,C]?
Yes, if the includes[A,B,C] is equivalent to A OR B OR C, then yes, that would work for us. 
We are up to U on a bunch of our rules and there is no way for us to combine criteria without a SFDC redesign or program redesign.

Is this something that is being evaluated?

As a workaround I guess that we could create a data space and put some of the criteria in the data space and some in the rule.

Attaching an example powerlist.

This would be use for our company as well. We are looking to do CoPilot reachouts segmented by User Country and we have to enter each country as it's own criteria; would love to be able to separate countries by a semicolon like in SF. Thx
Jessica - Check out the new features to send out different templates for folks in different country, that could potentially reduce the need for these filters in copilot powerlist.
@Sundar, is there any progress on actually implementing something like this?  I've got a report I want to filter to 30 specific CSMs, and I can do it in SF by using "CSM = [A, B, C, etc] but can't get the same thing in GS without creating 30 separate filters, which of course runs into the 26 filter limit.
Leanne - Is there any attribute on User object that can boil down to few filters? like CSM manager etc? CSM manager scenario can be achieved by creating a dataspace with CSM's manager field added to the dataspace and then you can use the dataspace as source to create the rule

Or as a workaround, you can try out bionic rules with two steps where you can split the filters in both the tasks.
Sundar - Thanks for the quick reply.  This is a report I want to put on a dashboard, not a rule.  Do you have Bionic Reports? 😉  

There's not an attribute that all these CSMs have in common, in this case, other than the size of their book of business.  (I've already asked support to help me, too, and they haven't thought of anything.)  The only way I can think of to get what I want is to split it into two separate reports, which isn't ideal.
Reading everyone's comments, looks like clearly lack of "multi value" filters is impacting significantly. per SQL language, lack of IN operator.

1) Multiple OR conditions - OR impact the performance hugely

2) Hitting the limits of filter condition- For every filter value A, B, C consuming a filter 

3) Usability & Readability: Impacting the usability & readability of the filter conditions.

Consolidating all of this, allowing multiple values of a field makes much more sense and should be handled across the product (Ex:Reporting, Rules & Co-pilot). Will get this into Product managers radar.

Sundar's suggestion on using Data space makes sense and would eliminate the need to define same filters again and again! 
Can we create a bionic rule like Sundar mentioned with two steps and load the filtered data to an object in MDA on a scheduled basis. We can then build a report on top of it with additional filters if needed?

Can we change this to an idea post? This came up in support today. With the activity here it seems like this is something people run into some times.


While working with a customer I faced the same scenario.

@alex_legay changed this to an idea post and redirecting it to our product team. 
@phani_kumar and @alex_legay  Thanks for posting it here! 

This is huge for us as our product count is high and to be able to filter for specific products would be helpful in so many aspects of reporting and rules engine. Right now we have to create 2 different rules or reports just to incorporate all of the products we are looking to report. I think the need is here and there is no other way around it.

+1 I ran in to the same issue in reporting today. 


We are trying to narrow the list by including titles that include general keywords and after A-Z it messed up my filter logic and would not allow me to add more filters. I dont think we need anything extravagant like 100 but i think even 40 or 50 limit might be useful. I always try and condense my filters as much as possible and use better logic to lower when possible but this cause a pretty big headache. I can see it happening with some other reports and would like to have them added there as well. 

Hi @edleguizamo 


We do have includes operator in Reporting Filters which allows for multiple values to be added to a single filter. Is there any challenge with what we have today?