Allow more options besides string fields when comparing fields in Report Builder

One thing I really like about Horizon Analytics is that we can now compare string fields (this post probably needs to be updated FYI) to one another. This functionality came in handy for me when comparing two different CSM lookup fields in my org.


However, I’d like to see this functionality expanded. I have a use case where I’d like to compare two different currency fields. If a customer’s Currency A field is greater than Currency B, that’s a potential red flag. It would be awesome if we could easily report on that. Same thing with date fields. The weird thing is HA appears to allow you to choose non-string fields when comparing fields in the filter, but if you click apply, it simply doesn’t work unless you’re comparing two string fields.

+1 I came across a use case for this recently and think it would be amazing to implement!

Hi @spencer_engel , on our roadmap. Dev is not scheduled anytime soon though. Will update this post close to the second half of the next year.

+1 Although my use case is slightly different. I need to be able to compare a date with another field date value, and only show records in the Report where the date is GREATER THAN the field date value. I can compare using “equals” or “not equals”, but need the additional functionality to have the other comparison operators. This seems like a relatively easy add?

Can we also make sure that this works if one or both values are null?