Allow more functionality for alternate email addresses in email assist

I was surprised to see that you can only change the domain when creating alternate email addresses for Email Assist. I don't really understand how this solves anyone's use case?

What I want to be able to do is use a generic email address like, but no matter what domain I configure, I'm stuck with the email still using everything left of the @ sign of my own email address. So it shows up like "" Even if I changed it to, it doesn't serve my use case at all. I want the email to show as a generic email address.

Hi Spencer, We have this in our short term road-map. Once the timelines are finalised we will update here.


Thanks for bringing this up!

Hi team - any update on this?

Hello All,Ā 
We have this feature coming out as part of email from anywhere. This will be a new platform of email assist, we will keep you posted about roll out dates.

Hi All,

Org wide email feature has been implemented which allows user to choose from a list of email addresses (that an admin configures ) inĀ FromĀ andĀ Reply-toĀ addresses.