Allow Metropolis or Helvetica Font in PX

posting on behalf of customer,


In PX, We knew there are different font families and styles we can use in customisation. Can we add Metropolis or Helvetica as an additional fonts in PX. These will be helpful for customer to customise their Engagements more effectively.




Hi All,


We will not be supporting any other fonts right now except the existing fonts. But we can add the required font-family in the CSS of the Engagement so that the particular font will be rendered in the End application.


R Satheesh

@sreddygari I think that this would be sufficient for our use case. If we were to build templates of all engagements with the CSS set such that it incorporates our fonts, we should be able to work with that.


How do I go about having Metropolis added? Thanks in advance!

@willpatterson  Yes, you can add the Metropolis font in the CSS section to your Templates and save them, so that those templates can be used in other Engagements too.