Allow MDA Reports On Account Widget

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I have more and more customers who are utilizing the Account Widget.  They love the functionality, however one feature that seems to be missing is the ability to display MDA-sourced reports on the Account Widget.  As more and more customers push data to MDA, I think this would be a great feature to have.

Is this something that has been considered or potentially is on the roadmap already?  Could you also explain the current limitation behind this?

Thanks Scott!. No particular limitation, we just didn't get to allowing that. I will add it to the roadmap and update you on the progress when we pick it up.
This is a top priority item for us as well.  We recently migrated to the MDA/Usage Metrics object, and not having this viewable in the wideget basically renders the widget useless for our ~40 sales/marketing users.
Thanks for looking into this. We would like this functionality as soon as possible. Do we have a timeline on when it will be supported? 
This is coming in our Oct release which will pushed tomorrow (6th Oct).
Thank you Sidhu, great news!
Hi Sidhu - one other question here - are there any plans to expose the MDA object to Salesforce for reporting?