Allow MDA objects to go more than 3 levels deep in reporting

A recent source of frustration has been that MDA objects only allow me to go 3 levels deep. SFDC objects appear to let me go at least 5 levels deep. 


This limitation on MDA objects has hindered me from setting up a global filter for Directors (i.e. the CSM’s Manager’s Manager). When the report is built on Timeline, for example, I’m only able to go from Timeline → Company → CSM → Manager ID and then I’m stuck. I’d like to avoid creating yet another new field on the user object if at all possible, but I don’t see a way around it.

@minh_phan another example of the look-up level limitation in reports/filters I emailed about earlier :)


This is a pain for us as well, even just reporting on a CSM’s manager, becoming more problematic if you are trying to filter MDA and SFDC data.