Allow for Gannt Chart style export of Success Plans for a one page snapshot of overall plan

Our team is often creating additional documentation outside of Success Plans to help communicate the overall status of the plan to customers. The desire is to have a one pager to quickly go over the timeline and where each objective stands. Here is a visual of what we use today: 

We would love to have the ability to create this out of the Success Plan export. Better yet, it would be a new 'tab' next to Collaboration that allows you to view a full summary that can be based off of Objectives and/or tasks within those objectives. 
Hi Samantha,

Thanks for the post. We have been thinking about adding Gantt chart view in success plans and this feature is in our short term roadmap. If you have some time, I would like to review our plan with you and get your feedback. Please let me know if you are open to have a feedback call. 


Of course! I would like one of the CSM's on our team to participate as well so please feel free to shoot me an email with some available times and I can coordinate with them. 
@nitisha Now that we have Success Plan Gantt Charts available in the UI, do you have an estimate for when we'll be able to export with the rest of the Success Plan template?  While I understand that the recently released "Sharing" options open up a whole new use case, there are still customers who are asking for the export to be comprehensive to support their process (which requires snapshots in time/version control).  Thanks!
Hi Elaine,

This is not on the short-term roadmap. We will think more in this direction in H2 2018.


Hi Nitisha, if you dont see this as part of your short term roadmap, which is a shame.

How about allowing an excel export in MS project acceptable format so I can create my own charts?
This would be a great addition to this having the capability of exporting the Gantt chart.  When we started using Success Plans, this was one of the things immediately asked by the CSMs if it was available.