Allow fetching TIMESTAMP_NTZ data type from Snowflake Connection.

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As per current product setup and support article:, Gainsight does not support fetching TIMESTAMP_NTZ data type from Snowflake (Attached screenshot from support article).


We have a use case where we are looking to import a field from Snowflake with the Datatype of Timestamp_NTZ. Can we please consider this? Also, please let us know if we have any workarounds until this gets implemented

It looks like in Connectors 2.0 I was able to fetch a datatype Timestamp_NTZ field and load it to a Gainsight date-time field on an object.

Perhaps the help article just needs to be updated?



Ben Wanless

Hi @benwanlessmenlo, Thanks for the reply.

I will check with my internal teams and get back to you with an update on the Doc update.

Appreciate your patience.


Hi @benwanlessmenlo,

Appreciate your patience here.


We have an update from our internal teams. We now support NTZ timestamp in Snowflake and also the documentation is updated. We removed the note that was previously mentioned saying that we don’t support the datatype Timestamp_NTZ fields. 

Please see the image attached and review the updated article. (If you aren’t seeing the update made on the article, please remove the browser cache and then access the article again)

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Sashank Goparaju.

Thank you @Sashank Goparaju !

We have updated the document now. TIMESTAMP_NTZ datatype can now be fetched in Snowflake connector

Fab job guys, thanks for closing the loop here!