Allow Every time (Paywall) option for Survey Engagements

It’d be wonderful to be able to set a survey engagement with the “paywall” qualification rule so that we can collect any-time rating/CES/Boolean/NPS/Multi-Question data.


The use case is around beta-features users have opted into. We’d like to give users the ability to “Send Us Feedback” or “Rate this Feature” without auto-firing an engagement based on usage rules or # of times viewed. 

Hello @Mark Mori, thank you for your post, having this looked into by our Product Manager who will get back at the earliest.

Hi everyone, was there any feedback related to the above feature request? It would be very useful for us too and the use cases are pretty much the same.

Hi @Mark Mori and @dorian_cudina, we are working on providing Survey trigger using a badge. Badge has the capability for a user to trigger any engagement on-demand. This should ideally solve your use-case.

@aharkut that won’t nessecarily work for my needs either. i have a custom action tied already to the survey… for example… “when checkout is complete - send survey” 

I don’t want the user to have to click a different badge to call the survey. 

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