Allow Dynamic Thank You Page in Survey

With reviews of a company being so important in this social media/digital age, it would be great if we could apply logic or conditions to the Thank You page at the end of the survey (when the customer hits the submit button).

Use case would be: a customer leaves a 5 CSAT or a 9/10 NPS and when they click on the submit button, they would be redirected to Google Review, Yelp, G2, etc. All other ratings would just be shown the general Thank You page.

Since the customer is already in the moment and mindset of leaving us a feedback, it would be great to provide them with a option to leave us a review immediately after.

Obviously, we could do that with JO. Send a follow up email after a survey is submitted, but often a customer might not see that follow-up email or go to their inbox after completing the survey. 


Would love this.  We are currently sending a separate email to promoters as part of our NPS journey for that purpose, so would love to be able to do it within the survey without having to send the separate email.

Thank you @heather_hansen and @AgassiTran - we will consider this in our roadmap. Would encourage others to upvote so that we may prioritize accordingly. 

:100: - and need the ability to have variants for different languages