Allow CoPilot PowerList functionality to use differnt Contact Lookup when list is built on Usage Data

In our Salesforce instance - Contact records has two types of Account references. When We build List using Data Usage as source, it is pulling contacts related to Account using OOTB field. We would like to request enhancement wherein List Builder will allow us to choose different Contact Lookup for "All Contacts from Filtered Account" option.
Not just copilot, this flexibility should be built throughout Gainsight features 
As you can see in the bottom of the image, there is an Account Lookup which would address the multiple lookup that you have on Contact. 

Did you try this out?
Hi Sundar - it works perfectly when Contact object is used as source and does not work when USage Data is used as source for powerlist.
Hi Sundar, Is it possible to get on call with PTC team? This feature is very critical for us to do low touch support which we cannot do today due to this limitation. Also just to clarify we cannot setup copilot with any other object except for contact, so it is really limiting.  

We have also raised with our CSM Carissa Aiello , however any help with this will be highly appreciated. Thank you.