Allow conditional branching logic in PX surveys

It would be very helpful to have the ability to utilize conditional branching logic in surveys so that the follow up question can be dictated based on prior the response.

For example, if response to question 1 is X, skip to question 3. 

Hi @Molly.McQ, we are working on this and is already on roadmap. The feature would be available for Multi Question Survey where you would be able to show next step based on the answers given on the current step and so on.

Updated idea statusNo StatusPlanned

Updated idea statusNo StatusPlanned

Updated idea statusNo StatusPlanned

Much appreciated @aharkut! It would be wonderful if we could also see this feature/functionality for NPS. 

Hi @Molly.McQ , 


Once survey branching goes live on Multi question, we have a few implementation ideas on how to bring Survey branching to all other types. Would like to know your preferred option:

  1. Extend Branching feature to all Survey types (NPS/ CES/ Boolean etc) so that there is parity.
  2. Introduce NPS/ CES/ Boolean question types and analytics for Multi Question and merge all survey types into Multi Question. This way there is only one Survey type and branching gets extended to all in a way. Also as a user you have more flexibility while designing surveys because Multi question would have all the capabilities.




The added flexibility of the second option sounds great!

Hi @aharkut
I find more value in the second option. The increased flexibility for all surveys is highly appealing! 

Many thank, 

Hey @aharkut - Can you give us an ETA on when to expect this feature ?