Allow Case Record Type selection when creating a Case from a CTA

Gainsight currently has the feature to create a SFDC Case from a CTA. By default, Cases are created with the default Case Record Type. For organizations who use different Case Record Types to communicate with different teams, they need the ability to choose the Case Record Type when creating a Case from a CTA.
Yeah this is a great idea. We use a separate record type for inbound Customer Success actions. These are separate from Technical Support needs. This feature would be awesome!
This is a great idea. It would allow us to fully leverage case creation functionality, as we use several different case record types depending on the team and issue involved.
Agree! We are not able to use the 'create a case' or other object feature currently because of this. 
Hi All,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Supporting record types in linked objects is there on the roadmap.

One question on this:

-Do you want 'only' the admin to define which Record type should be used for a linked object OR do you prefer the end user to have the flexibility of choosing from the available record types?

We would prefer for the end user to be able to determine it as we have multiple teams that leverage Gainsight. Task Record types for us are often determined by the department that is creating them or will be completing them.

Is there any follow-up on this work? Has something been deployed? We are interested in a mechanism to auto-launch/create a case in SF from within Gainsight. Interested to see where this has progressed.