Advanced Cron Scheduler in Rule Chain

The ability to schedule bionic rules using cron expressions is very helpful. We primarily use  rule chains and these can only be scheduled up to once a day.

Thank you for the input. Advanced Scheduling of Rule chain is in our backlog. I will keep you updated on when it gets prioritized for any release. 


Great news, thanks Jitin

I've got a customer that this would be immensely helpful for!  Any thoughts on when this might be available?
This would be very helpful for us! We had to stop using the rule chain for setting customer health scores because we wanted to update scores multiple times per day. Excited to hear when advanced cron scheduling will be available for rule chains. 
This would be helpful for us. Love the new cron scheduling in rules. 
Any word on when this will be available?
We also need to be able to run a rule chain automatically multiple times a day.


One of our customer asking us to schedule a Rule Chain to run on a Bi-Weekly basis.

Right now in Rules Engine, we have an Advanced Option. In this with the help of “Cron Expression”, we can schedule any rule to run on Bi-Weekly.

But this option is not available in Rule Chain. If we can have the same option in Rule Chain that would be helpful for us and customers as well.

This would be super helpful. We are trying to keep our Opt Outs in sync with SFDC, and being able to check more frequently throughout the day would be much better

@andreammelde  For syncing data with SFDC, Realtime rules that we are working on is a better path than more frequent rule chains. 


We do not want to provide the ability to have more frequent rule chains in the short term. 

@rakesh  is the real time rule on the current roadmap? any idea on timing?

Yes, its on the roadmap, we are targeting the first cut in November

Please escalate this if possible. Our Rules Engine queue is super clogged and that could be alleviated with rule chains, but rule chains don’t support more than once daily scheduling unless we trigger an event somehow. It shouldn’t be so difficult to optimize the rules engine schedules. 

Agreed with @ana_g ! Sooner the better would be amazing. I have made a makeshift Rule Chain by adding 1 minute in the Cron expressions, but this is very tedious and hard to maintain!

End Proctoring-

+1 to this! definitely aligned with @gunjanm and @ana_g