Advance Outreach custom mapping

Good morning all,

I've been working on Advanced Outreaches with a customer and I've learned a few interesting "gotchas" while doing some troubleshooting.

One of the big ones involves the use of custom mappings in the participant list.

In our use case, the user wanted to custom map the "TAM Email" and use it in the "To:" email address in the escalation email.

In the standard mapping, there's not a field for "TAM" or "CSM" email, and so the user's though was that it would need to be custom mapped.

What we learned was that when we custom map an email-type field, it's output is actually a string-type field, which prevents us from using it in the "To:" of the escalation email.

The workaround is to map the standard "Manual Email Address" to "TAM (Primary) Email" and use "Manager Email" in your "To:" field, but I can definitely see how this would cause confusion for users. (see screenshot).


My ask is this:  Is there anything currently on the roadmap to either have custom mapping respect the original field's type OR have the ability to determine the type of field that will be created by the custom mapping?

We haven't hit that yet, Tom, but I fully agree with your request. The field type seems like something that should persist during this process.