Admin UI Rule Status Tracker

Wouldn’t it be cool to NOT have to always nav to “Execution History” when firing off a test run to check status or results? 

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see if a rule was running (test/live) while you were working on it? 

I find myself asking these questions more frequently as we have more needs as well as active updates to the system.  

It would be nice to have some place in the Rule UI that could/would display “Rule Status” or something? 

As an Admin, I believe this would be very beneficial from a work-management perspective as well as quality of life by reducing clicks back to Report Builder,  click on the Rule you were just in and working on and triggered a run, and then to click further to get to the Execution History.

Below I have highlighted some areas that appear static throughout the rule that could possibly be leveraged for something like this.


Could there even be a step 5 “Results” or “Outcome” maybe?

Cool suggestion, thanks for submitting it @keith_mattes