Admin Capabilities for users - launching engagements and bots

Hoping for a product enhancement that allows admins to curtail privilege's for launching engagements based on the environment.


For example, we would like to give some users the ability to create/launch and test engagements, but only to a QA or staging environment. Right now you are only able to give blanket privilege's for all environments which carries the risk of a user accidentally launching an engagement to the production environment.

@Jordanc Thanks for posting to PX Community!


To be clear, any user that is given the “Manager” Role permission can launch a PX Engagement. And, only user’s with the additional “Production Launcher” Role permission can launch a PX Engagement in the “Production” environment.  So, it seems to already work in the way you describe above.

Hi @link_black 

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Those are precisely the privs I originally gave the user so I was confused when they reported back that they weren’t able to launch. I got on the phone with them and root-caused.

In this case the user cloned an engagement that had the “production” radio button enabled. From the user’s point of view, the button is grayed out based on the privs so it wasn’t immediately obvious that production was checked. I logged in, removed the check and we are now good to go.


Thanks again for your help here