Additional OTB Timeline Activity Options

Currently, Gainsight only provides 5 options for Timeline activities out of the box. It is easy to add new timeline activity types but it would be better for new admins to have a few more OTB options to drive their ideation on how to best use this feature. 

Can you add two more types: 

  • Opportunity (used for CSQLs and expansion opportunities)
  • Risk (used for identifying any churn risks that arise through telemetrics, surveys, or conversations with your customer). 


I think adding these options will help CS Ops practitioners to think about how they are driving upsells and risk mitigation more effectively in the Timeline. Often I see the timeline as just a place to record activities but it can also be effectively used for tracking outcomes. 



@jean.nairon Thanks for bringing it up. We are currently thinking about OOTB activity types and fields which will help you.

I request others to add their inputs as well on which activity type and field they think should be available OOTB.