Additional Options For Case Linkage In CTA's

I am working with a customer who has done the CTA linkage to cases, but we've discovered an issue based on the configuration. What is happening is that the "owner id" field for this client can either be a user id or a group id because it can either be assigned to an individual or a "queue". When trying to link an individual user to the case via CTA, the system defaults to showing only the group id's ("Queues") and not the userid's (individual users). There is no way within Gainsight to set the search configuration on these CTA's to look at the user id vs. looking at the groupid (queues). This means they cannot assign to an individual, but rather can only link the CTA to a group.

My Ask: be able to configure the search option for case linked CTA's to either look at the user id OR the group id OR both if appropriate. Currently it just appears to default to the group id (queues). Please sync up with me if there are any questions and I'd be happy to provide the support ticket this request came in on.

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