Adding fields to Timeline Activities

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When adding new fields to Timeline Activities, it looks like the only options for "Field Type" are Text, Date, Number and Checkbox.  Is a "Picklist" type field anywhere in future plans?

I'm trying to match the Timeline Call Activity fields to my existing Salesforce Call Log fields, so that the calls will sync over to Salesforce, but we have several required Picklist fields in Salesforce, and I don't want to end up with a lot of messy data from open text fields. 
Hi Leanne,

Thanks for the post. This is in our roadmap. ETA tentatively spring release.


This makes perfect sense.

Also , are we able to add more Activities today?

Hi Georges,

Not today, but we are providing the ability to add custom activity types in next month's release.

Manu, can we update this post with link to info on how to accomplish this now?
Custom activity types and pick list fields?  Did these end up making it into the Spring release?  If not, are they going to be available soon?  I have a perfect use case for this I am happy to discuss with someone from Product!
Hi Mike,

Custom activity types were implemented in Winter release. Please refer this document for more details. Picklist fields are not available yet, I will update you once the ETA is confirmed. 


Thanks Nitisha! Lots of customers will like the picklist availability as it ensures consistency across the team and, presumably, will allow for effective, targeted reporting.

Hello - Is it possible to sync contact fields over from the Gainsight to Salesforce sync? I had a customer who wanted to be able see who the internal/external attendees for a meeting were in Salesforce, and I couldn't tell where that information is stored (if at all). I also noticed you can't create a contact field when configuring fields for a custom activity. Is this the case? 

I'm sure I could be missing something here, so please let me know!
Hi Spencer,

We are appending the external and internal attendees names in SF task description.


Nitisha - any update on adding other field types and specifically picklists or multipicklists to Timeline? Clients at CA Technologies need this capability
This is a stretch goal for summer release, should be available by fall.


I didn't see anything about this coming for the Summer release in Sept, so I'm guessing it probably won't be til Fall?
Hi Heather,

Yes, picklist fields will be available in fall release.


Great, thank you very much, Nitisha!

Any ETA for multipicklists?  We've added one as a single select today, but would ideally like to make it multi-select.  For example, we have a Product dropdown, and often, the CSM will be training on more than one product at a time, so we'd like them to be able to choose more than one.
Agreed.  While the dropdown is a nice add and gets us closer to what we need, a multi choice field would really address our use case. 
Thanks for the inputs. Multi-picklist fields are not in our short-term (3-4 months) roadmap. I will post updates here once I have more clarity on ETA.


I would like to be able to edit or customize the number type fields in Activity Timeline.  For example, I want  to use a decimal value in a number field, but the current default setting is 0 decimal places and the field type is not editable from within the MDA table. 

From what we were able to test, the maximum number of checkboxes supported in the Field Type for any activity is 10.

1. what is the latest on getting a picklist for fields in a timeline activity?

2. will it be possible to allow for > 10 options. We're in a pickle without it.
Hi Chris - Dropdown lists are supported in Timeline. Here's an article that covers how you can create and manage such lists from Gainsight Data Management.

+1 for multi picklist capabilities in custom fields on the activity. Similar to Heather, it would be great to capture which product or workflow was discussed in the activity. This would allow for consistent reporting and allow us to see where we need to invest in more documentation or training materials if certain topics are recurring in needing extra CSM handholding.
My customer (Laura Lynch) from Handshake (Stryder) company is also looking for multi- select picklists drop-down category, which can be used in the activity.
+1 for another company name as "Classy"
+1 for Multiselect field options in Timeline. A CSM may cover multiple topics in one meeting. At this point they must create new activity entries for each topic, which is time consuming.