Adding code in Timeline

Hi all,

Curious if anyone knows of any way to add code into Timeline entries in the SFDC version?  Similar to this box, if you click on the 3 dots, you have a code button that you can click to add code.  We don’t see that in Timeline, but would like to be able to add code where needed.  It does appear that if you copy and paste the code from another source, it is formatted the same, but we’d like it to originate in Gainsight if possible.


Hi @heather_hansen can you share more on the use case for inserting code into Timeline? Is it just to get some special formatting or are you looking to actually insert programming code?

@dan_ahrens Our PS/TAM team has to often send communication to customers that contains code, and they are currently documenting those communications in a note taking software, and we’d like to get them to do that in GS instead, but the hold up is that they aren’t able to format the pieces of code in Timeline directly without having to copy and paste from somewhere else.

Interesting use case. What do you think @nitisha_rathi ?

Really, interesting use case. Curious more about this.

@phani_kumar So, our TAM team often sends custom code snippets to customers and needs to document those for future reference if the account should happen to change hands. The formatting does hold if you copy and paste from somewhere else, but you can’t natively add in Timeline.

@heather_hansen Interesting use-case. I am adding it to the roadmap and will prioritize it based on the number of asks. Thanks for sharing.

+1 Would be useful if it worked just like this



We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is busy with other high-priority items.