Add the capability to import, update, and manage PX application users and role permissions sets via the PX REST API

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Currently, every PX application user must be created manually and their Role permissions assigned manually too. Additionally, PX does not implement the concept of shared user role permissions sets, so updating user permissions must be complete on a one by one basis.  These shortcomings to managing PX application users can be challenging … even for small sets of users and for minor role permission changes.


Feature Requests:

  1. Add the ability to create/manage user role permissions sets and assign these quickly to PX application users. 
  2. Add the capability to create update, and manage PX application users and roles via a new set of REST API call.
  3. Implement a new option in PX Data Loader to import PX application user from a CSV file. 




@link_black this is a great ask and atime saver too. Thank you for sharing this here. 

I just wish the User Management screen had bulk upload/edit. Right now, I must manage users individually which is tedious and has led to simple mistakes ranging from too much or too little access.

Hello graden.hudson,

Yes, This is a great ask.  

I have the same challenges with REST BULK API for language translation.  It works for the download and will download a list of engagements that are ready for translation,  However, there is no REST BULK API for upload.  So i wrote a python script to mass upload for one hard coded engagement.  


Definitely, should be more options for handling data in mass.  I use the px-data-loader and that has its challenges as well.

Let me know if you have any thing to share.

Hope you have a great day!


Thank you  so much for this post. We are currently looking to expand this use case by enhancing the User Management module. This is in our near term roadmap.