Add Tabular Reports to Outreach Templates in Copilot

When creating an outreach template it would be great if you could add a previously created tabular formatted report. This is not presently an option. 
Hey Domenic, Is this tabular report for internal stakeholders or for external customers?
This is also something I'm looking for- and it would be for both internal and external needs.
This would benefit us as well.  We have need to send an internal email to notify CSMs when new accounts have been assigned.  Also, we want to scale an external outreach to send customers a list of their portal users on an annual basis so they can review and preen the lists as appropriate.  Having the tabular view would be incredibly helpful in both of these, and other scenarios.
I have the same use case as Jeff except it would be sent to our partners and the cadence would be quarterly. This would be a game changer for us. This feature alone would bring so much value to our org that we wouldn't even bat an eye come renewal time. Sign us up!!!
I have had several customers asking for the ability to send tabular report to internal users as well as different use case for customer-facing.  
Any update on when this might be coming out? 
This would be beneficial for us too. We would like send our customers a list of items related to their account in tabular format. 
We also need this feature, in order to email reports to internal users that don't have Gainsight licenses.  We've currently got a tabular report added to a Dashboard, in order to email it to a couple of R&D users, but the format is frankly ugly and clunky in PPTX format.  They have to download the PPTX and copy and paste the data into Excel to even really be able to read it. 
We would also find great benefit in this.  Our current use cases are for internal users.  Though we'd prefer it to be an embedded report, even if it was a CSV attachment would be better than nothing.
+1 on this for all of the above reasons 
Any updates on this request? Thank you!
I'm also curious if there is any update on this?  Since it's just an internal report we are sending right now, we're working around by putting the tabular report on a dashboard and then auto emailing the dashboard out each week.  Unfortunately... a 60 row report spread out over 25 powerpoint slides is less than ideal. 
Also wondering about an update? The dashboard ppt really isn't a workaround for us. 
Adding to the list... Need this for internal reporting. 
We want to send a list of all the items up for renewal in a contract period along with quantities and expiration dates, etc.

Feedback from support was that there was a concern about the variable length of a list. 

For my use case, i don't expect more than 10-15 rows if that. 

If there's a concern about a size limit can we do a multivariate outreach with versions that display a table if below a threshold for table size and some other template without a table if above that threshold?
Yes! Daniel's solution would work for us. Our use cases also involve relatively small reports with a low number of rows and columns.
If the main concern is length of the report, I'd be 100% fine with just having an attachment sent, too.  
The attachment option could work as well but getting the content in the email body itself is ideal.
Having the report in the body of the email is important for several of our use cases and would be preferred.
+1 - I'd like to send tabular reports in Copilot as well. Internal use case to start, renewal report
Would really like this.  Our use case is internal and just for our operations team.  We build a number of "catch reports" (for example, this list of accounts didn't get a particular field populated and it needs to be).  I was planning on having copilot email us when the report gets new data or at a particular cadence, but I guess we'll just have to keep tracking it manually for now.
Hi All,

With the release of shared 360 ,dashboards  and ability to distribute via Advanced Outreach where you can send a link , we have the following capabilities - 

a. Live data which the internal or external teams can view, send once and dont worry about resending the link since the data will be live and can significantly reduce the to and fro communication which happens for data between teams.

In the case share 360/ dashboards , you have to send your internal teams a link and ask them to bookmark it for reference and you are done.

b. Ability to modify filters(optional) and then finally also export the data via CSV(optional) 

c. Security Aspect of OTP, Link Expiry, IP address based restriction (again all configurable and optional)

Why don't we support tabular reports in Copilot yet?

Tabular reports rarely look good in email/PPT and if the number of columns increase more than 4 and number of rows increase more than 6 , it does not scale well in the email look and feel.

The workaround of only add reports when they are less than 4 columns and less than 6 rows etc. will not be scalable and will lead to email schedule being slow. 

That is why we focussed on the ability to share live web based links which can scale and the constraint of email is removed with additional capabilities. 

Please share here the concerns with the above approach and if this would help address your use case.


Abhishek S
could definitely use a tabular report
This is very nice functionality.  The reason it doesn't meet my use case though, is that I only want to have the email sent IF there is data in the report - an option in copilot with reports, but not if you are only sending a link to a dashboard.  I was hoping to use these tabular reports as alerts (to me and the rest of the ops team only) when we have vital information missing from an account, a logged activity, etc.  As a workaround I'm now having the email displaying a graphical representation of my data (to serve as the alert) and providing the link to the tabular report where I can find the detailed info that I need.  This workaround works, but it would be nice to just have the info in the email.
Emails are needed when you need to remind your team about something. Share 360 wouldnt work there