Add tab to Knowledge Bot

We have a use case where we would really like to iframe a separate window into the Knowledge Bot in its own tab instead of the “Feedback” tab. Our support team has a Visualforce support page that would be more useful here for our end users. This would allow our users to submit tickets directly from solution without having to leave and come back. 



Has anyone else figured out how to iframe content within the knowledge bot?

Hi JP,

We have an option of Email Forwarding where you can give an email address of your support team.

So that Once an Email is sent to Support Team Ticket gets Auto-Generated.

Thank you for the feedback suryanarayana. We have explored this option, but it will not work for our particular use case. We have a service portal where tickets are generated and tracked that we would like to expose to our users. 

Our service team is also moving to a responsive messaging platform that will help funnel users to the correct service team and support resources. So, they are closing all of their email inroads.

Bumping this to the top again. My service team has an IVR system that routes users to a number of options. If those option do not answer the user’s questions, it will then open a ticekt for them.


Each ticket costs us x dollars. We do not want to open a ticket every time a userr has “feedback” so the feedback form is not useful for this particular case. 


However, being able to iframe our support page into the k-bot would be immensely helpful.