Add Risk to Success Plan Objectives

Ability to add Risk CTA’s to success plans. i.e. There is a risk tied to a given objective, meaning it cannot be completed and therefore a risk to the success plan.

Hi @drobertsimp ,

Thanks for sharing on community. Let me know if I understand the ask correctly, you want the ability to add a CTA of type “Risk” to your success plans (and not just “objective” CTAs). Is that correct? We do have plans to. add this capability to add to our NXT edition but there is no ETA for it as of now

@aditya_marla You are correct, and thanks for the update

This is a huge ask for us, too! If an account has multiple Risk CTAs, we want to create or associate them with a “Get Well” Success Plan so that the multiple Risks can be managed in one place.

+1 for this. While we have largely moved away from tracking risks in success plans it would be helpful to have the flexibility to tie specific risks to a success plan that may be impacted. It would also be beneficial for reporting purposes.  

We are evaluating onadding other CTA types (other than objective) to success plan. Will let you know once its part of the roadmap

Do we have any update on this suggestion?

It would be really useful to add a ‘Risk’ CTA in Success Plans and can’t imagine that it is a massive task?