Add 'remember me' option for Gainsight login

I want to see this page less :D

I really don’t like seeing this page every day when I try to navigate to our Gainsight instance and having to: click the field, enter my email, press login, and choose my Google SSO account. That’s 4 additional clicks just to get into Gainsight! If I use Gainsight every working day, that’s 20 clicks a week, which is roughly 1040 clicks a year 😮 (I don’t use Gainsight during holidays but you get the idea).

I would love to see a ‘Remember me’ option that kept me logged in for 30 days.

This is good input @daniel.boon , thanks for posting it.

@daniel.boon Thanks for posting this. We will look into this request and let you know once we add it in the roadmap.

​​​+1! This a deterrent to logging in for our team. Would be nice if there was a ‘Login through Google’ button available on the very first screen to reduce the number of clicks.