Add LinkedIn work anniversaries and birthdays to Sponsor Tracking

LinkedIn is always sending me notifications of people's work anniversary and birthday.  I believe it would be a great idea to add these to Sponsor Tracking and include CTAs as well.
It's a good idea. Based on our current approach birthday's would be very hard. Anniversaries more achievable. Question for community, what actions would a CSM take on sponsor's work anniversary?

Hi team, this is something that we really would like to see in Gainsight.  Ideally we would love to be able to capture a birthday notification so we can automate a happy birthday message to our clients.  Pleaaaaaaase look at adding this!!

@neil_james_reviewpro Thanks for posting it here! Currently, this is not in our road-map, let us also see how other customers react to this enhancement, based on customers interest we change the road-map.

@All, please up-vote to increase the priority of the road-map.