Add Due Date to Mass Edit for CTAs and Tasks

Add the ability to change due dates for CTAs and tasks to the mass edit functionality.  This will allow us to adjust dates as we make changes to our process flow.
Yes, definitely.  I'd also like to be able to reassign CTAs from one account to another.  
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Allow bulk change of CTA due date

We run into this when planned releases or announcements shift at the last minute. For example, if we have planned a product release for August 15 which rides on CTA activity, and then at the last moment we shift the release to August 20. There is no way to update all of impacted CTAs in bulk, and all CTAs (and tasks, for that matter) must be individually and manually updated.

The bulk update for other fields within a CTA is excellent. Having one for the due date, which reflects reality when it comes to releases or announcements, would be excellent.
Any update on this? I need this!
Hi Trevor,

Mostly, this will be available in winter release. Can you please share with me use-cases for which you need to update due dates en masse and how often would you update them.


Similar to Matthew's use case, we use the Rule Engine to create CTAs across our team. Sometimes those have aggressive due dates that need adjusting based on new priorities, project adjustments, etc. As our folks plan their days out by CTA due date, it'd be great to be able to mass update the due date of those CTAs and push it out so that it doesn't clutter their "need to dos" for the day. 
Still on for Winter? I'm about to manually adjust 31 task due dates because a CSM is on vacation and we don't want this to impact her bonus calculations (that's my use case!)
Hey Team,

Just wondering on if this is still planned for the Winter release coming up?
Hai Cameron, sorry, we have not taken this for winter release,will update here once we consider this. Thanks for posting.
Any ETA for the release?

Use case: a CSM is transitioning her portfolio and needs to push all CTAs back a month to allow time for the new CSM to be trained. 
Hi Sai-

Wondering if there is an update on this? Is this on the roadmap for an upcoming release?
+1 Any ETA Updates?  We have automated CTA's and a new update was requested that would require the dates for the few hundred automated CTA's to have their Due Date updated.

I also wanted to reach out on this - any updates? Looks like the last we heard was several years ago

Any updates on this? Would also love to have Snooze as an option! @sai_ram 

@gunjanm do you mean Snooze to the mass edit?

Mass edit revamp is in our mid term roadmap (H2 2021). We will consider these enhancements as a part of that. Thanks.

@sai_ram yes! @sriram pasupathi any beta available would be welcomed by our team

@gunjanm We will definitely connect back when we have a beta rolling. Thanks.

This would be huge for us. We often create CTAs in bulk via Journey Orchestrator programs for our use cases, and plans inevitably shift where we’d like to give CSMs more time to complete the CTAs. Being able to mass edit due dates would allow us to do so.

maybe @Cornelia can help get us an update on where this stands, if H2 2021 is still in the cards :)

Hey @bradleymcg, will bump this up to get an update for you.

@bradleymcg we don’t have any visibility on the delivery date of this feature given our roadmap. I will update this post as soon as we have some clarity on the timeframe. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.