Add condition for step completion for an onboarding engagement.

We're trying to build an onboarding checklist, where each onboarding step could be marked as completed based on a condition.

For example, if one of the onboarding steps is “install an agent”, we’d like to be able to check the number of agents installed for the user (via a predefined “installation” custom event), and if the number of agents installed is 0, we’ll show the onboarding step as uncompleted and it will only be marked completed once the user finishes the flow. However,  if the number of installed agents is MORE than 0 when the user first logs in, then the onboarding step will be shown as completed from the get go, without the user needing to complete the step (because they’ve already fulfilled the condition). 

Note that this is different from defining the audience, since here it’s a condition for marking as completed, not a condition for showing the engagement in the first place.

@shiraak acknowledging your request, we will get back to you on this. Thank you!

Will check the feasibility of this request @shiraak . This is part of Long term roadmap.

Hey folks,

Is there any update on the same? Exploring a similar use case.

Hi @himanshu.arora ,


Will definitely explore this use-case and how do we deliver Engagement Completion rule on the application.