Add Chatter as a related list on the C360

Intradiem would like to ad Chatter as a related list on the C360 instead of having to leave that page to either go to the Account or view it with extra clicks from a CTA.  Neither Intradiem, not myself or Customer Support, could figure out how to do this even though we can access the AccountFeed object.  I also tried to "embed" the ChatterFeed page unsuccessfully.  It would be great if one of these methods would support the request.  Thanks!
I believe the real need here is to have a single view to access comments across all CTAs (and possible from scorecards and other areas also). This is line with the unified note taking and viewing experience the we are planning to build in the 2nd half of 2015. 
Absolutely agree!!  In the interim, if there's a easy way to maximize the value of Chatter for customers who are committed to it then that would be helpful.  (Second half of 2015 seems like a long way away 🙂