Add Activity from Customer 360

When our reps click add an activity via the c360, would it be possible to auto populate the due date as today and the status of the task as completed? Right now it leaves the due date blank and has the status as Not Started. Our reps have to log every call to the account this way and its a few extra clicks for them to add the due date and change the status to completed. Since they have so many calls throughout the day it would save a lot of time to have these 2 fields auto populate the way they need them.  I am asking for this because not all our reps calls come from a CTA.  We have tried asking them to create a CTA and then add a task but it is much easier for them to just click "Add Activity."  I submitted a Support Ticket but they recommended I post here.  Thanks!
I agree with setting the due date to today when a task is created. However, not all tasks created from the C360 will be completed immediately. Our AMs use this to input future tasks that they feel don't require a CTA.
I would be fine if all we got was the due date as today as 1 less click is better than none 🙂